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VoIP Phones

Purchasing a new phone system can be a daunting task, and finding the right company to support your existing phone system can be just as difficult. Pittsburgh Telephone systems is the go to choice for many businesses both large and small. Panasonic’s line of small business phone systems has something for every company and we have multiple certified techs on staff to assist.

If you have a legacy Panasonic PBX system and need help configuring or making changes we can assist there as well. Panasonic Business Phone system KX TDA series systems can also be supported by our skilled techs see below for the supported Panasonic Business Phone Systems supported but Pittsburgh Telephone Systems.

Office Phones

   Each phone has built-in caller ID and is PC programmable as well, allowing for on site or remote usage. So if you are traveling out of the Pittsburgh area, you can still have access to your phone. There are a number of voicemail options as well: CO based, internal VM card, or APITS allowing for maximum customization and efficiency when dealing with your voice mail, especially if you deal with high volume.  You can also impress your clients in Pittsburgh remember, everything is bigger in Pittsbrugh— by upgrading to the Panasonic KX-TG9588B phones. These office phones have a wider base and a touch-screen interface. All of the phone options are easily accessible with just a few simple taps instead of cluttering the face of your phone with different buttons. Reach out to day and speak with one of our project managers and find out how a Panasonic business phone system can increase productivity in your business organization

2 Line & Multi Line Phones